Educators, schools, and districts are facing increasingly difficult challenges to meet the needs of constituents while remaining in compliance with policy mandates. 

Teach & Lead, LLC provides a unique set of services that incorporate flexible scheduling, personalized study, and relevance.

Teach & Lead, LLC consulting services are guided by the following value statements:

  • Compassionate, innovative, and responsive service to agencies and communities that in-turn support underserved populations.
  • Working collaboratively and cooperatively is critical when providing services to diverse communities with unique and compelling needs
  • Exercising integrity and sensitivity are of paramount importance when honoring organizational visions and missions of the agencies receiving consulting services
  • Win/win scenarios are a primary goal where all parties feel that the work being accomplished is the best work that can be done.

Teach & Lead, LLC Consulting Services:

  • Facilitates compassionate, culturally competent, and responsive professional coaching and related services to individuals, agencies, and communities that, in-turn, support underserved populations.
  • Facilitates collaborative and cooperative strategic planning processes.
  • Provides program development and evaluation services in support of diverse communities and agencies in all stages of development.
  • Supports organizational budgeting processes and consults on issues of risk and liability.
  • Provides a variety of capacity and organizational development services including fiscal planning and goal setting, fundraising, grant writing, administration, and reporting, as well as data collection and management.
  • Provides research, writing, and development services as appropriate to the community and organization, honoring respective visions and missions.
  • Conflict mediation.
  • Academic counseling and tutoring services (e.g., K-12 and college level, high school credit retrieval, gap year advising).
  • Educational advocacy for families and children with expertise in special education, due process, rights and responsibilities under the law, and strategic navigation with and through school systems. Also offers educational technology services and trainings.
  • Facilitates continuing education credits (graduate and undergraduate) directly to individuals based on needs.
  • Develops and implements credit-bearing continuing education programs for agencies through connection to colleges and universities through a syllabi development and a Learning Management System. Provides direct course instruction, as appropriate. This adds value to existing trainings, professional development programs, certification programs, and other learning experiences by making them credit-bearing.
  • Facilitates alternative pathways to teacher and principal licensure.