Karla Haas Moskowitz, Ph.D.

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Personal Mission: to facilitate authentic and relevant learning opportunities that offer a strong sense of purpose, nurture consciousness and competence, and are authentic as well as transformational.

Qualities and Experience

  • Lifelong educator and administrator
  • Strong technology skills within multiple platforms and programs including online and hybrid course instruction, video conferencing, learning management systems,
  • databases, and spreadsheets
  • Strong Writer and Communicator
  • Extensive experience facilitating direct instructional and social-emotional support and care to diverse populations of people in terms of race, ethnicity, gender,
  • socio-economics, sexual orientation, age, religion, background, and circumstance.
  • Has lived and worked professionally in both rural and urban areas
  • Highly skilled in facilitating counseling and support services that address situations of crisis, trauma, and abuse; workforce and career counseling; academic  advising; and other areas relating to life choices
  • Strong leadership and supervisory skills
  • Ethical and independent worker as well as collaborative team member
  • Creative and Entrepreneurial
  • Licensed School Principal and Classroom Teacher
  • Sense of humor



Master of Fine Arts-Writing (Poetry)

Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont and Port Townsend, Washington – 2013 Poetry Manuscript: Walking in Circles

Thesis: How Poets Save the World

Doctor of Philosophy, Education and Political Science Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, Ohio -- 1999 Dissertation:  Justice for All, the Politics of Education

Master of Arts, Political Science

University of Colorado, Denver and Health Sciences Center, Colorado -- 1997

Thesis: An Analysis of Political Resistance and Moral Courage (case studies of Martin Luther King, Jr., Jimmy Carter, John F. Kennedy, Margarethe Cammermeyer, and Karla Myles)

Master of Arts, Education with a Cognate in International Relations

University of Denver, Denver, Colorado -- 1990

Thesis: War and Peace, An Interdisciplinary Approach to Personal and Global Conflict and Resolution

Bachelor of Arts, Counseling in Special Education and Social Services University Without Walls Program

Loretto Heights College (presently Regis University), Denver, Colorado – 1989


Is Activism Dead? -- Faculty advisor explores ‘story as activism’ and Goddard’s conversation with the world.  Clockworks Magazine, Fall/Winter Issue, 2015.

Radical teaching and learning, Denver Post, September 2, 2008

Colorado Educators Study Homeless and Highly Mobile Students, In the Face of Standardization: The Challenges and Realities of Building a Program that Attracts and Stabilizes Highly Mobile Students; co-authored with Sabrina Hodges, M.S.W. candidate, Colorado Department of Education, Denver, Colorado, 2005

Identity, Diversity, and Education for Democracy, American Political Thought, eds. Kenneth Dolbeare and Michael Cummings, NYC, New York, 2003.

The Love and Fear of Education, a keynote in honor of the Casey Middle School Staff, Boulder, CO. 2000

Never Exit a Moving Train, an overview of The Urban Wilderness Learning Project, Justice for All -

  • the Politics of the Educational Process, paper and presentation. Wayne State University, Conference: The University and the City, Detroit, MI.  March 1999

Justice for All, the Politics of Education, The Union University and Institute, Cincinnati, OH. 1999.

The Responsibility of Choice, Zeitgeist, An Educational Journal Promoting Choice in Education, Durango, CO. March, 1997.

An Analysis of Political Resistance and Moral Courage (case studies of the lives of Martin Luther King, Jr., Jimmy Carter, John F. Kennedy, Margarethe Cammermeyer, and Karla Myles), at Denver, Denver, CO. March, 1997.

War and Peace, An Interdisciplinary Approach to Personal and Global Conflict and Resolution,

University of Denver, Denver, CO. June, 1990.

Professional Experience

Higher Education

Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont

Faculty and Vermont Campus Site Coordinator, Education Program

Advisor of both graduate and undergraduate degree-seeking students who are, in most cases, additionally working toward educator licensure (elementary and secondary endorsements, as well as school counseling) through a low-residency college program that is individualized, experiential, competency- based, and portfolio assessed.

University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO

Lecturer, School of Education: Language, Literacy, and Culture

Instructor of graduate literacy education courses: Culture of the Classroom, Introduction to Multicultural Education, Foundation of Language, Literacy, and Culture, Linking Assessment with Instruction

Metropolitan State College of Denver, Denver, CO

Adjunct Professor

Instructor of undergraduate courses in a student-centered environment serving a diverse population of urban students. Courses include: American National Government, Political Systems and Ideas, and Political Theory. In addition, developer and instructor of undergraduate courses in Literacy Analysis and Research.

Lesley University, Cambridge, MA

Instructor, National Initiative

Instructor of graduate education courses: Dimensions of Equity, Dimensions of Learning and Teaching, Classroom and School Inquiry, Action Research and Seminar

Naropa University, Boulder, CO

Co-Director, Alternative Licensure Program and Community Studies Center Instructor, Second Year Seminar

Director of the University’s Alternative Licensure Program and Community Studies Center.

Developer and instructor of undergraduate interdisciplinary course: Social Change through   

Action Research, a First Year Seminar entitled: An Analysis of Political Science Topics through  

Literature, and a required seminar for all freshman: Diversity in the United States.

University of Colorado - Denver, Denver and Durango, CO

Lecturer, Graduate School of Political Science and New Directions Program (M.A. in Political Science with Emphasis in Public Policy)

Developer and instructor of graduate and undergraduate classes: Organizational Change Agent, Introduction to Political Science, Race, Class and Gender, and The Politics of Education.

Adams State College, Alamosa, CO 

Adjunct Faculty

Curriculum developer and instructor of courses offered through extended campus services partnering with public school settings. Developer of appropriate curriculum for graduate and undergraduate learning in the fields of education and political science.


    • Development of a program entitled “Becoming a Learning Organization” which functions as an extended campus for Adams State University offering academic credit and staff development for public school faculty members and school community’s adult learners.
    • Creation and publication of curriculum books produced through the work of adult students.
    • Facilitation of a linkage between higher education and public schools in the creation of an extended campus.

Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO

Adjunct Faculty

Supervisor, advisor, and mentor for student teachers. Worked in conjunction with Sociology Department, the Center for Service Learning, the Office of Community Services, Colorado Department of Education, and the Community of Learners Charter School to develop grant- funded projects including the creation of a Service Learning Institute and Regional Youth Corps Coalition.


    • Developer of innovative and effective evaluation process for student teachers.
    • Facilitator of a strong link between higher education, public school system, and community at-large.
    • Collaborator in the development of student teaching support systems and peer evaluation process.
    • Facilitator of the development of vision, mission, and strategic planning documents for start-up human service programs in association with a variety of agencies, organizations, and schools.

Educator Training

Principal Institute, Mancos, CO

Alternative Licensure Agency for School Principals Instructor and Mentor


  • Provider of comprehensive and intensive on-the-job training for aspiring school  leaders to   obtain an initial Colorado Principal License.
  • Facilitator of an innovative face-to-face and hybrid online course of study for individuals and   leadership teams to support the training of school leaders, educational innovation, and school reform.

Teacher Institute, Denver, CO Alternative Licensure Agency for Teachers Consultant, Instructor, Advisor


  • Provider of comprehensive and intensive coaching and advising for aspiring educators to obtain an initial Colorado Teachers License.
  • Facilitator of an innovative face-to-face and hybrid online professional development  program inclusive of seminars and courses to support the training of school teachers, facilitate educational innovation, and provide pathways for school reform.

Teach & Lead, LLC, Denver, CO

Consulting Firm providing Professional Development Programs for Educators Owner/Manager and Director


  • Provider of overall programming and coursework through a state designated agency for alternative licensure that supports classroom teachers to obtain a Colorado Teachers License (including Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education and Secondary Education in all content areas, as well as initial and added endorsements in ELL and Special Education)
  • Facilitator of a spectrum of professional training programs for educators that include topics in   Reflection, Resiliency and Renewal (based on Courage to Teach and Courage to Lead research and strategies), Special Education, Response to Intervention and MTSS, Differentiation of Instruction, Inter-Cultural Competence, School Leadership and Reform, Organizational Transformation,  and Participatory Action Research.
  • Provider of educational consulting services for public, private, and charter schools, community-based organizations, and governmental agencies inclusive of educational program audits for the Colorado Division of Youth Corrections.
  • Provider of programming for two U.S. Department of Education Statewide Transition to Teaching Grants in partnership with The Paraprofessional Resource and Research Center (PAR²A Center) at the University of Colorado Denver.
  • Developer and instructor of courses (face-to-face, hybrid, and online) supporting Colorado Teacher and Principal Licensure Induction as well as provision of responsive school-based professional development for teachers.

K-12 Public Education.

1 Charter School, Denver, CO

Principal and Director of Alternative Licensure Program and Special Education Itinerant Services

Provider of supervisory, administrative, and programmatic support for teachers, parents, and middle and high school aged learners to develop a quality educational program specializing in experiential leaning, outdoor education, outcome-based curriculum, authentic assessment, international travel, strong parent involvement, community partnerships, and service learning. 


  1. Creator, developer, and facilitator of programming and support services as part of P.S.1’s designated agency status for alternative licensure through the Colorado Department of Education.
  2. Facilitator of a strong link between higher education, public school system, and community at-large.
  3. Creator and coordinator of innovative entrepreneurial endeavors in collaboration with community partners involving educational programming and public space usage.
  4. Performer of audits evaluating school’s organizational systems and facilitator of restructuring process for the purpose of efficiency and effectiveness.
  5. Developer and coordinator of innovative urban school-community projects and partnerships.
  6. Creator, developer, and facilitator of programming and services as part of P.S.1’s itinerant special education services that provided special education support for charter, contract, and private schools.

1 Charter School, Denver, CO

Middle School Advisor; Special Education Inclusion Specialist

Facilitator of direct services to 15 middle school students in the role of teacher and advisor. Supported coordination and implementation of special education program for an alternative middle and high school program serving a total of 260-290 students. Special education caseload was 40+ students.


Developer and facilitator of:

  1. Curriculum that guided an “advisory” class of twelve 10-15 year old students to meet middle school graduation expectations and related Colorado State Standards.
  2. An innovative project-based pilot program serving 22 middle school students. The program offered service learning opportunities, local and global travel, self-paced study, authentic assessment, off-campus activities, video production, and partnership with community- based non-profit.
  3. Individualized Education Programs (I.E.P.s) serving over 40 students with special needs in grades 5-12. Facilitation of an inclusive special education program within an inner-city school serving middle and high school students.

Sojourner School, Boulder, CO

Educational Consultant, Lead Teacher, Board Member

Facilitator of the start-up phase of small urban charter middle school focusing on multiculturalism, social justice, experiential learning, and interdisciplinary education.


  1. Developer and facilitator of theoretical frameworks, programs, and curricula that supported and incorporated Sojourner School’s eight tenets: Intercultural Competence, Spanish Language and Culture, Personal Development, Critical and Logical Inquiry/Lifelong Learning, Social Responsibility, Literacy, Connection, and Aesthetics.
  2. Developer and implementer of programming, curricula, and staff development to support a comprehensive and innovative middle school program serving 35-60 middle school students where over 50% are from Spanish-speaking households and over 20% are identified as special needs. Program offers service learning opportunities, extensive travel, self-paced study, authentic assessment, off-campus activities, and partnerships with community-based organizations.
  3. Facilitator of an inclusive special education and ESL program within a small charter school serving a diverse and high-needs middle school aged students.
  4. Supervisor of a spectrum of Individualized Education Programs (I.E.P.s) and learning plans for special needs and English as a Second Language (ESL) students, grades 5-8.

Community of Learners Charter School, Durango, CO

Administrator/Teacher/Educational Consultant

Provider of supervision, administrative services, and programmatic support for teachers, parents, and young learners to develop a quality educational program specializing in experiential leaning, outdoor education, outcome-based curriculum, authentic assessment, international travel, strong parent involvement, and service learning.


  1. Developer of innovative and effective staff evaluation process.
  2. Development of site-based decision-making process and representative team. 
  3. Collaborator in the development of a unique outdoor education laboratory and international travel program.
  4. Creator and implementer of graduation expectations and assessment for an elementary through high school program.
  5. Collaborator in the development and coordination of a Youth Corps project for the Southwest Region.
  6. Collaborator in the development of strong service learning/internship program.

Jefferson County Open School, Jefferson County Schools, Lakewood, CO

Assistant Principal/Principal

Supervisor of faculty and staff, as well as provider of support for a team of teachers, parents, and young learners to develop a quality educational program specializing in experiential leaning, outdoor education, outcome-based curriculum, authentic assessment, international travel, strong parent involvement, and service learning.


  1. Developer of innovative and effective staff evaluation process.
  2. Developer and facilitator of site-based decision-making process.
  3. Developer of portfolio system of evaluation for faculty and students.
  4. Creator and facilitator of shared leadership model.

Abraham Lincoln High School, Denver Public Schools, Denver, CO

Program Director/Teacher

Lincoln Alternative Milestone Program (LAMP Alternative Program for At-Risk Students) and School of Global Studies

Supervisor of a team of teachers, as well as provider of direct instruction for students within innovative alternative programs focusing on international studies and experiential education.


  1. Developer of curriculum and scheduling processes for two schools-within-schools housed in an inner-city public high school: the Global Studies Program and the LAMP School-to- Work Action alternative program.
  2. Presenter on the topic of school reform models within a conventional high school of 1,700 students.
  3. Supporter of learners and their families who were from primarily low- income and ethnically diverse backgrounds.

Non-Profit and Community Work

Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development, Denver, CO Consultant—Organizational Development of Youth Service Division

Facilitator of organizational audit and presentation of recommendations for the reorganization of the Denver City and County Youth Service Unit.

Center for Educational and Economic Equity, Denver, CO

Board Member former Executive Director

Developer and provider of youth support services through a statewide non-profit organization that supported a coalition of schools, organizations, and individuals committed to education that brings about social, economic, and environmental justice.

Urban Wilderness Learning Project, Durango, CO


Creator and administrator of a learning project that integrated a rigorous urban studies/peace studies curriculum with an immersive and experiential travel component that involves youth.


  • Developer of a video and photography project that presented program to community.
  • Designer and coordinator of fund raising events; writer of grant proposals to support project.

Administrator, 21st Century Learning Center Grant,

Media Corps, Community Involved Charter School, Lakewood, CO

Program Developer and Coordinator

Developer and implementer of Media Corps, an after-hours public school program serving elementary through secondary students. The program integrated service and project-based learning within a curriculum reinforcing skills in technology and literacy. 

Media Corps received funding through 21st Century Learning Grant monies, a federal program that also promotes increased cultural awareness, opportunities for recreation and parent involvement, as well as projects supporting health and well-being for young people and their families. Inspired by this project, a second evening program was developed, called Twilight that focused on literacy and academic success for youth “identified as being underachieving”. Responsibilities included program development, implementation, and evaluation as well as grant oversight, administration, and reporting.

Southwest Colorado Environmental Youth Corps, Durango, CO


Coordinator of programming and provider of administrative support for the development of an environmental youth corps coalition serving Southwest Colorado.


  • Developer of innovative programs and services.
  • Developer of data base and coordinator of project sites and corps participants.
  • Developer and facilitator of methods of communication among involved participants and partners in the project (i.e. Piton Foundation, Colorado Youth Corps Initiative, agencies, youth, project sites, youth corps programs in other states that may offer assistance and information)
  • Facilitator of a recruitment process involving job sites and youth participants.

Special Achievements and Presentations

Nomination: Circle of Scholars, The Union Institute and University June, 1999

Dissertation and related community-based research and project, Justice for All, the Politics of Education, nominated as exemplary example of scholarship and social action. Nomination submitted by

Dr. Marjorie Bell Chambers of The Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, Ohio.

National Institute on Educational Governance, Finance, Policymaking and Management

Washington, D.C.

Presenter   November 5-6, 1997

Service on a panel presenting to a delegation of policy makers and operators engaging in a dialogue related to national charter school legislation. Presented on the topic of Assessment and Accountability

American Center for International Leadership

Denver, CO and Washington, D.C.

Delegate July-August, 1996

Service on a team of 9 delegates from the United States visiting China and participating in International Dialogue for Emerging Leaders.

Presented on the topic of Education, Re-Training, and Vocational Concerns at the Dialogue for Emerging Leaders in Nanning, China. Chinese and United States diplomats attended and contributed.


Professional Teaching License, endorsement: Secondary Language Arts, Vermont and Colorado

Professional Principal License, endorsement: Elementary through Secondary Education, Vermont and Colorado

Professional References

Lisa Martin, M.A.

Former Director of Education, Division of Youth Corrections, Colorado

Director, Principal Institute

  Principal Institute, Mancos, CO  81328



Kumari Patricia Younce, MFA, MSW, MA

Director, Education Program

Goddard College, 123 Pitkin Rd., Plainfield, VT 05667

802-322-1647 or  802-505-0574 (cell)


Jackie Fischer, MA

Community Education Coordinator

Faculty Advisor

Goddard College, 123 Pitkin Rd., Plainfield, VT 05667



Deborah Bloom , MA

Student Services Manager

Goddard College, 123 Pitkin Rd., Plainfield, VT 05667

802.322.1624 | 800.468.4888 ext. 339