Living in small spaces is not new to me. I am pleased to know that the tiny homes brigade has caught up with me.

When I was in my early twenties I moved to woods and river lands of the Ozarks to build a small A-frame.  Today it would be called a Tiny House. The top third of the place was glass. I wanted to see the stars.  A-frames are strong structures. It is because of the triangle not unlike downward facing dog in yoga. You can use the top for a nice sleeping loft. The bottom is angled out and is spacious for the rest of what you need, which is not really that much.  I built the house with my own hands.  There was no electricity or water on the property. Each shingle was shaped to size with a handsaw. 

Now I collect and decorate small RVs. One is shaped like an egg and made of fiberglass. I also renovate smaller sized trailers and mobile homes. I do not do this for profit, as they say; I do it for me. I do the visioning and design and other people do the handiwork since lifting large pieces of drywall and roof trusses have become awkward for me. Ultimately it is all about living and appreciating small space. The Earth is big enough. Insides do not need to be too big. Too much to clean.

I am extremely well versed in the field of education even though it is not really a field. It is air and sound. It is everything. So I have never stopped looking at it with new eyes. Inside out. Outside in. Upside down.  Twirling on its side. Then I added Political Science as another field that is also not a field. It is power and patience. In summary, these are the two disciplines that I can identify as being together and in friction.

Most importantly, I am a radio show host on Goddard College's WGDR Radio. 

Radio Excerpt #1:
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I am also a poet.  Here is a poem about turning things upside down:

Cyhydedd Fer (cuh-hée-dedd ver) 

A Sonnet

a winter solstice

eyes open from dark

to not-dark, the bark

of a fierce dog mark

a lifting sun.

solstice, not hour

of night’s watchtower,

but time, a flower

in glacial run.

a sinking moon’s glow

pull me from the flow

of dreams, blue star low

marking dark time

with light that is clean 

even shadows lean

away; and all seen 

ignites as mine

Cyhydedd Fer  is a welsh sonnet. To write it, I had to abide by a formula that is supposed to be stanza’s with four 8 syllabic lines. Yet I was taught it was four 5 syllabic lines for the first three lines, then a final line of 4 syllable.  Either way, I feel it reflects unique form that has an impact on function. This seems important. There is also a rhyming pattern, as well. You can figure that out by yourself.

I am not an academic. I am a shape-shifter.  My truck drags my little RV fiberglass egg around the mainland landscapes and I think about ways that humans can be invited to love and appreciate others and the Earth. If/when that happens there is potential for peace and prosperity. If this happens, all life may find its way home without harm.

If so desired, there is nothing that cannot be reshaped for purposeful benefit relating to product or process. It just takes the right lens and frame. The lens will provide opportunities for magnification. The frame deals with which colors you wish to pull and highlight.  

Several times a day I have a new idea. I think about the best possible design for a dog refuge that can be made up of A-frame solar heated kennels. I think about creating a writing retreat with one main yurt as a common house and several solo areas that are vintage RVs.  I think about a combo where writing retreaters can bring their dogs to help them reflect. I think about the prototypes I have made of an online portfolio systems that gives all of New England the infrastructure needed for the new mandated system of proficiency-based high school graduation.  I think about developing more cooperatively run Colleges. I think about teaching love through collaborative rubrics.  I think about social entrepreneurialism as a way to run government. I think about how Radio Vieques and how WGDR in Vermont can work together to construct and broadcast creative media while also stopping the U.S. from testing bombs on the island. I also wonder about hard apple cider infusions with herbs in bottles that tell the story of each tree that gave its apples to the cause.  I think about supporting a youth corps of media makers and broadcasters working around the world solving problems with recorders of all kinds with musical scores of their own design. I think of schools built out of trash. I wonder about the family stories that encourage assimilation and the ones that teach resistance and how these line up based on ancestry, race, and language. I wonder why the notion of GAP year has become a concept. I would like to explore ways to encourage colleges to require dissertations to be comic books.

I am a collaborator and I embrace ideas, even ones considered to be bad ones. I do so because the concepts of good and bad can always be challenged. I also appreciate playing with models of inquiry and love most people. Being on a team of humans who have a willingness to playfully indulge as I do will be remarkable and synchronistic. I know I will contribute not only to the products of an innovative learning community though contributions of strange and remarkable combinations of thought, idea, concept, and being; and also provide notable benefit to the the process of constructing place and space. I do this through fortifying joyous risk-taking and nimble-hearted and headed artistry as well as logistical and disciplined thought, planning, and action.